© Illustration based on a fragment of the triptych by Almada Negreiros Nau Catrineta (1942-1945)


The cycle of international meetings on the Romanceiro (Pan-Hispanic balladry) returns to Portugal. This time it will be hosted in Lisbon, the departure dock of the caravels heading for the transoceanic expansion of ballads in Portuguese, the only Portuguese city where editions of romances were printed in the 16th and 17th centuries, and where the academy gave full entry to these epic-lyric poems about 150 years ago in the Curso Superior de Letras.

In this context, the Institute for the Study of Literature and Tradition of the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (UNL) and the Fundación Ramón Menéndez Pidal are organizing, within the scope of their research lines dedicated to the Romanceiro, the next meeting that will honor Giuseppe Di Stefano for his fundamental work in this field.

Both institutions invite specialists of the Iberian Romanceiro and scholars interested on the intersections between the romances and other literary, musical and visual arts genres to participate in this space of confluence and debate of philological, intertextual, inter-artistic and computational perspectives applied to literature.

The following thematic lines are proposed for this (re)meeting, which combine persistent problems and emerging issues, with the aim of stimulating the connection of current research with the near future of the Romanceiro studies.

  • The Portuguese contribution to the romanceiro
  • Intersections I: romanceiro and European ballads
  • Intersections II: romanceiro and music
  • Romanceiro and literary canon
  • Romanceiro and critical edition
  • Romanceiro and digital humanities